At Legis IT Solutions, our mission is clear: to empower small and medium enterprises by delivering comprehensive outsourced IT services at competitive rates. We pride ourselves on delivering robust, scalable, and low-maintenance solutions meticulously tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Recognising the challenges faced by businesses where hiring an in-house IT specialist isn’t feasible, we step in to provide sales, implementation, maintenance, and support services, available either round-the-clock or on an ad-hoc basis.

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of our approach; we work closely with each client to understand their individual requirements and provide tailored products and support to ensure their success.

Choose Legis IT Solutions:
Your satisfaction guaranteed.


We are continuously committed to providing constant, excellent service to our clients.


We proactively monitor all our clients’ systems to detect and resolve issues before they become problems.


By making use of the latest cloud-based services, we are able to provide high levels of reliability and redundancy.

24/7 Support

IT systems are always on and run 24 hours a day, so we’re available 24/7 to make sure you are always online and able to work.