Discover peace of mind with Legis IT Solutions’ comprehensive cloud and storage services.

Our offerings include secure offsite and onsite backup solutions, ensuring your data is protected against any eventuality. Your business operations remain uninterrupted with dedicated hosted servers, disaster recovery plans, and secure data storage. Trust us for reliable domain and website hosting services tailored to your specific needs. With Legis IT Solutions, your data is in safe hands, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your business.


Offsite Backup Solutions

Through our partnership with SolarWinds MSP Backup, all your data can be automatically and securely backed up to the cloud, making it quick and easy to restore your data should something go wrong.

Secure Data Storage

Keep your sensitive data secure on one of our hosted servers where only you can have access to your data.

Dedicated Hosted Servers

We offer dynamic hosted solutions for any requirement, be it backups, software as a service, data storage or anything you might need on your own private cloud server.

Disaster Recovery

Should any disaster strike we will get your server, network and data up and running in record time.

Domain & Website Hosting

Providing you with a platform to host your domain and website at the best price.

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